Studio Bakker Amsterdam

      Paco Rabanne

      Set design / Commercial
      2015/ 2016 / 2017 / 2018 / 2019

      These institutional campaigns provide the client with the key ingredients for communication as well as inspiration for new design directions, and are the result of a close collaboration between Studio Bakker and Scheltens & Abbenes, and creative director Marc Ascoli and Paco Rabanne designer Julien Dossena.

      The project produced a striking series of surrealist interior photographs with generic, chrome-plated, branded objects as a recurring feature, only occasionally displaying an actual Paco Rabanne product.

      The campaigns for Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million for women, One Million for men, and the Pacollection of six unisex aromas, are based on these institutional campaigns.


      Scheltens & Abbenes