Studio Bakker Amsterdam

      The Monastery

      Interior design / Commercial space

      This former 15th century monastery situated in the middle of Amsterdam’s notorious red-light district was redesigned to house a creative agency replete with 251sqm of photography studio annex event space in the old chapel and 186sqm of office space in the crypt.

      Inspired by the exceptional location and the listed status of the building as a historic monument, Studio Baker focused on creating a monastic serenity to contrast with the bustling work floor, using solutions such as a 14 meter long wall of cabinets to facilitate the clean desk policy for a row of long refectory tables.

      A fruitful collaboration with the Rijksmuseum led to the creation of a high resolution kitchen wallpaper featuring the painting ‘Boschgezicht’ by Dutch master painter Jan van der Heyden, who once had his atelier in the building.

      With conscious attention to the building’s history and location, Studio Bakker created a unique feeling of warmth and openness that also characterizes the elevated hospitality of this particular client.

      Thomas Vørding